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1. ‘To make new, invent, refresh, make a revolution.’

NOVO – A Revolution In New Living

A Revolution In New Living

What We Do

The simple answer – We buy properties and land both conditionally and unconditionally, gain planning permission and build out the projects we’ve designed ready for resale.

So we are a property development company…but not like you’ve known one before.

Novo Land and Development

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. What is the best answer to the question posed. Then how can we make that better. Then how can we better that. And is there anything we can do to make that better.

Our Product

Our product is what we are judged on. So acceptable isn’t a word we use at Novo. We strive to have the most aesthetically pleasing, design led properties that are places people aspire to live in. Our properties feel like home because they flow and make sense from the moment you enter the front door.

Our Aims

To never settle for mediocrity. We love property and always strive to make sure that is evident in what we do.

Novo Land and Development

Desirable Locations

We always have a product in an area people want to be in. Makes sense really!

Novo Land and Development

Beautiful Design

We control every aspect of the design process so we can control the quality.

Novo Land and Development

Attention to Detail

Whether it is dealing with vendors of properties or finishing our builds, we pay close attention to detail at every step along the way.

Novo Land and Development

Luxurious Materials

We use the best quality materials to produce the best quality finish. It’s simple really.

Novo Land and Development

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From Our Clients

From Our Clients

Current Projects


Hilders Farm, Edenbridge

An unprecedented opportunity providing 11x custom-build plots with far reaching views on an old farm setting. ...

Uvedale Road, Oxted

Two large, detached homes set on this premium road in Oxted, under a 5 minute walk into the town centre....